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Water availability + market conditions

The major storages of the sMDB are currently filled to 87% of their capacity and still filling. Hume Dam itself is near capacity, and managed releases are occurring to satisfy downstream entitlement holders but also to provide capacity to limit potential flooding events over coming months. The BoM has also recently issued a La Nina […]

by Kilter Rural • October 26, 2021
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Kilter Rural signs on to “Together We Can”

Friday October 22, 2021 Kilter Rural signs on to “Together We Can” On the eve of COP26 in Glasgow, major Australian agricultural company Kilter Rural has signed on to the growing “Together We Can” campaign, an alliance of Australian business, health, indigenous, environmental and civil society organisations pushing for more action to be taken nationally […]

by Kilter Rural • October 22, 2021
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Leading the way with environmental watering

After recording the hottest 3-year period on record, the ecosystems of the southern Murray-Darling Basin (sMDB) were in desperate need of reprieve. The drought-breaking rainfalls which have occurred in 2020 and 2021 are helping kickstart the recovery of essential wetlands, floodplains, and freshwater-dependent threatened species. In addition, heavy rainfall during the end of last year […]

by Kilter Rural • October 19, 2021

Water: a good news story for agriculture, the environment and rural communities

The 2022 water year is turning into a terrific good news story for agriculture, the environment and rural communities across the southern Murray-Darling Basin (sMDB). The sMDB spans an area roughly the size of Germany and is one of Australia’s most important agricultural regions, generating annual irrigated agricultural production in excess of $6 billion across […]

by Kilter Rural • October 19, 2021
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Agricultural sectors heading for a bumper season

Australia’s Agricultural production is forecast to reach a record $73.0 Billion in 2021-22. The sector looks to eclipse the $70 billion mark for the first time, capitalising on favourable growing conditions coupled with record prices across many commodities, as shown in Figure 1.  The Murray Darling Basin contributes about 40% of Australia’s agricultural production and […]

by Kilter Rural • October 19, 2021
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Direct seeding at Australian Farmlands Fund dedicates 220ha to biodiversity

During August and September, the Australian Farmlands Fund has direct-seeded another 105ha of native vegetation. There is now 220ha of landscape dedicated to biodiversity, embedding carbon in the landscape and building landscape resilience in the face of climate change.

by Kilter Rural • September 20, 2021
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Australian Farmlands Fund shows results in water usage

The sustainable management of Australian Farmlands Funds’ diverse agricultural and water portfolio focuses on regenerative practices and sustainable use of resources in the face of climate-related risks. The product of these practices is evident in the Fund’s leadership in water-use efficiency at the nexus of the land and water portfolios.   Crops grown over FY21 at […]

by Kilter Rural • September 16, 2021
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Responsible Investment Association Australasia’s (RIAA)  report released

The Australian Farmlands Fund is proud to support the launch of Responsible Investment Association Australasia’s (RIAA) Annual Responsible Investment Benchmark Report this month. The Funds have been actively involved with RIAA since inception, and are certified by RIAA’s Responsible Investment program. As one of the leading impact investors in Australian agriculture, Kilter closely monitors the performance of […]

by Kilter Rural • September 10, 2021