Kilter Agriculture Fund

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The Kilter Agriculture Fund provides investors with remarkable access to over 7000ha of quality farmland and water in this tightly held region of New South Wales.

The Opportunity

A truly unique anchor asset around which to build a broader $500M+ perpetual agriculture fund targeting annual returns of 10% -12%*.


Strategically located in the heart of the “food bowl” of Australia, the Fund is one of the region’s largest farmland aggregations, covering more than 7,500 hectares (18,000 acres), with a pipeline to further properties.

Building Value

Returns are delivered to investors through Kilter’s disciplined acquisition strategy to buy well. The Fund targets good quality, arable land and water. We build value and increase yields through improvements in soil, water, technology and biodiverisity.


Targeting 30 by 30 and with 75kms of creeks in the Murray Fans (Murray Woodland), with 60+ threatened species identified in the region, this amount of private land under Kilter’s stewardship provides significant biodiversity opportunities.

Kilter Agriculture Fund

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Eligible investors can access a demonstrated value-add investment strategy addressing climate-change risk that holds a track record of delivering competitive returns to our investors*. Kilter Rural has more than $380 million in assets under management.
*Past performance is not an indicator of future performance

We are Kilter Rural. Australia’s most experienced natural capital investment manager. Delivering uncorrelated returns to investors for over 18 years through sustainable food production, biodiversity protection and emissions reduction.

The Kilter Agriculture Fund builds on 18 years of leadership, resetting the standard for Australian primary production.

For almost two decades, Kilter has been building value and yields in agricultural landscapes through:

  • Buying good value, operating assets with scope for improvement.
  • Farm layout for climatic events – reducing risk.
  • Water access security and in-situ water command.
  • Application of best available technology and machinery for cost efficiencies.
  • Best management practice soil regeneration.
  • Scaled ecosystem protection and reforestation.
  • Emissions reductions and scaled C02 sequestration outcomes.

Track Record

Kilter Rural is Australia’s most experienced natural capital and water investment manager.

Over 18 years Kilter Rural has transformed over 11,000ha though improved soil health, world-class water management, and ecosystem restoration. Kilter has aggregated and transformed over 50 properties, over the years becoming Australia’s largest tomato and irrigated organic cereal producers, and delivering a 30-40% increase in native forest cover providing essential habitat for native flora and fauna.

  • Since 2007 Australian farmland has returned 8.5% compared to a 4.7% return of ASX 200.
  • Low correlation to Equities, REITs and Bonds.
  • Positive correlation to Inflation and Commodity prices.
  • Low volatility adds protection to a portfolio.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance

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