About Us

Kilter Rural has been resetting the agenda for investment in Australian farmland, water and ecosystem assets since 2004.

Our owners have a 30-year history in delivering sustainable management of land, water and ecosystem assets across Australian farming landscapes.

Our overarching philosophy is to unlock value in rural irrigation landscapes to deliver financial returns with positive environmental and social impacts. For more than 15 years our team has been delivering large-scale impact investments in Australian farmland and water — balancing agricultural production with ecosystem protection.

We developed our model for regenerative agriculture to provide returns for collaborating investors, ecosystem protection and direct engagement of the local communities in which we operate.

Our key capabilities

Institutional grade governance and compliance

Social licence

  • Face-to-face business model with head office based in regional Victoria
  • An experienced relationship-driven, values-based team
  • Develop local farm teams using local contractors and supporting community institutions.

Risk mitigation

  • Established long-term off-take agreements, protecting against commodity price fluctuations
  • Two decades transforming and managing assets for climate change resilience
  • Bespoke mix of high value conventional and organic irrigated crops for operational diversity and value add.

Proven regeneration expertise

  • Direct regeneration of  more than 12,000ha of farm and ecosystem landscape
  • Implemented a demonstrated soil and environmental regeneration model
  • Australia’s most experienced water investment manager, operating since 2006
  • A track record of robust returns for investors.
  • History of implementing proven technology and science for yield improvements and resource efficiency.

Our values


  • We seek commercial excellence in everything we do while being committed to leveraging diversity and change.
  • We invest in farmland landscapes that are globally competitive, yet strongly local.
  • We apply best available science and technology to investments to leverage off global population, food, asset scarcity and climate change trends.


  • Servicing our fiduciary duty to investors is paramount.
  • We deliver sound returns in the short term but plan for returns over generations.
  • Sound investment is sustainable and long term – climate resilience is a key design feature.
  • We have an expandable model but will not expand at any cost.


  • Long term, sustainable relationships are fundamental to our business.
  • We bridge the country-city divide. We build face-to-face relationships in rural communities as we do with city institutional investors.
  • We do what we say but where we cannot control an outcome, we make this clear from the start.

AFS Licence

Kilter Investments Pty Ltd has an Australian Financial Services Licence for Wholesale Managed Investments (AFSL No. 414142), which was granted in March 2012. The licence permits dealing in derivatives associated with water and water products.

Quality Management System

Kilter Pty Ltd operates a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Original certification took place in 2010 with a successful recertification audit confirmed in 2019.

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