Western US drought conditions worsen

Large parts of the United States are in a drought, with some areas escalating from extreme to exceptional drought levels, as highlighted in Figure 1. The drought is concentrated in the west, notably in California and Nevada where two dry winters in a row have resulted in large precipitation deficits. Extremely low rainfall, warmer temperatures […]

by Kilter Rural • May 25, 2021

Drought has a longer-term impact on rivers and aquifers.

A recent study has highlighted the longer-term effects drought conditions have on the ability of catchments to secure water for productive use. Whether it is groundwater accessed by bores or surface water collected by stream flow and stored in dams, the impact of changing hydrology in Victoria’s catchments has been starkly presented in new research […]

by Kilter Rural • May 25, 2021

Weather outlook remains uncertain

The rainfall outlook for the upcoming season plays an important role in shaping early season water market expectations. Supply availability has the strongest influence on market price sentiment and is determined by the amount of seasonal inflow yielded from rainfall events and catchment saturation, combined with starting dam storage levels. Despite a moderate tropical La […]

by Kilter Rural • May 22, 2021

Make a meaningful change to wetlands environments.

The Murray-Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund has provided investors with a 13% return since inception in December 2015[i]. However this Fund is about more than just providing strong financial returns – it also facilitates wetland rejuvenation. The Fund achieves this by donating water each year to be used for the sole purpose of inundating scientifically […]

by admin • May 16, 2021

Rural Bank report delivers strong results for Australian rural land transactions

In early May, Rural Bank’s annual Australian Farmland Values Report was released. Widely regarded as the most comprehensive database of rural land transactions nationally, it disregards properties considered sub-scale for commercial farming operations (lifestyle properties) to deliver a report demonstrating the true rural land value trends across Australia. This year’s report delivered some very strong […]

by Kilter Rural • May 10, 2021

On-Farm Tours showcase the Kilter Rural Story

With Covid-19 restrictions easing, Kilter Rural has been pleased to resume tours of the Future Farming Landscapes and the Australian Farmlands Funds Landscapes.  In March, we safely resumed tours of the landscapes with a two-day tour of the FFL and AFF landscapes with the Kilter Board of Directors. Earlier this month, Cullen and Angus conducted […]

by Kilter Rural • April 21, 2021

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (‘ACCC’) Final Report

On 26 March 2021 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (‘ACCC’) Final Report[1] on its inquiry into Murray-Darling Basin water markets was released to the public. There is also a Guide[2] to the Final Report which provides a useful summary. This report builds on the preliminary findings detailed by the ACCC in their Interim Report[3], […]

by Kilter Rural • March 29, 2021
Winlaton depression coming back to life with wildlife in tree

Life and productivity returned to the landscape

The Winlaton depression has been looking the best it has in a long time, thanks to water for the environment. This depression, situated in northern Victoria, is a natural low point in the landscape and would have originally been a freshwater marsh that carried floodwater to the Loddon River. It has long since been cut […]

by Kilter Rural • March 16, 2021