ESG Report

Australian Farmlands Fund
Summary 2021

The Kilter Australian Farmlands Fund invests in natural capital assets of soil, water and biodiversity.

The Fund has made a commitment to deliver annual ESG Reports based on UN Sustainable Development Goals and world-leading environmental condition accounts using the Accounting for Nature (AfN) Framework.

Accounting for Nature

Environmental condition

An independent, scientifically robust program of physical asset monitoring and measurement. Each natural asset is given an Econd® score out of 100.

In 2021 Kilter has developed and implemented 3 new methodologies for measuring assets:



15% Reduction in emissions intensity since 2020
Reduced emissions intensity from 0.65t/ha compared to 10t/ha prior to purchase

Carbon Projects

Emissions Reduction Fund

This voluntary scheme aims to provide incentives for a range of organisations and individuals to adopt new practices and technologies to reduce their emissions. The Fund currently has two projects registered.

“The annual environmental accounts allow the Fund to report very explicitly to our investors on the trend in the condition of their natural assets, in addition to the usual financial reports.”
– Cullen Gunn, CEO Kilter Rural

Kilter Rural is an official supporter of the TCFD.

In 2021 a Climate Change Policy was built around the TCFD recommendations setting out the direction of their managed Funds in relation to climate change mitigation and adaption.

Kilter Rural is actively engaged with the development and implementation of the TNFD with the intention to implement it across the Fund.

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