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Kilter bird surveying for farmland ecological condition

This November Kilter Rural has just undertaken its first coordinated bird survey across its farmland assets. As well as being a valued natural asset in their own right, native birds are recognised as an important marker of more general ecological condition of a landscape, reflecting the extent and quality of native vegetation. This inaugural survey […]

by Kilter Rural • November 24, 2020
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Sustainable agriculture, impact and Kilter Rural.

David Clark from Koda Capital spoke to Live Wire Markets about where Australians are investing in a changing market. He identifies four areas that investors should look to biotechnology and medical devices, sustainable agriculture, technology in China, and impact investing. Kilter Rural’s overarching philosophy is to unlock value in rural irrigation landscapes to deliver financial returns with positive environmental […]

by Kilter Rural • November 3, 2020
General Investment

What do Kilter Rural and David Attenborough have in common? Landscape regeneration.

Never has there been so much coverage on the topic of regenerative agriculture. For those involved in agribusiness it appears to be everywhere these days. The recent release of the Netflix documentary Kiss the Ground will only heighten the buzz. How does Kilter Rural apply its expertise to this subject? I’ll provide a recent example of a […]

by Kilter Rural • October 20, 2020

Accounting for Nature framework in progress

Kilter Rural is continuing to progress its framework for producing environmental condition trend accounts across its farming landscapes.  The Accounting for Nature (AfN) framework sets the first globally consistent standard for measuring, certifying and communicating changes in the condition of environmental assets – agricultural soils, native vegetation, fauna and freshwater or marine ecosystems.  The framework establishes the […]

by Kilter Rural • October 13, 2020

A co-investment for the Great Barrier Reef

A scaled co-investment in regenerative agriculture impact and conservation outcomes for the Great Barrier Reef and its catchments Underpinned by a long history of successful impact investment Kilter Rural (KR) and The Nature Conservancy Australia (TNC)(the partners) are acting on the urgency for large scale landscape intervention required to help improve the health of the Great […]

by Kilter Rural • October 8, 2020

Benchmark Report shows growth in ESG Importance

Kilter was pleased to see the results of the recent benchmark survey conducted by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) confirmed the increasing importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy in the decision making of the wealth management sector.  Responsible management market now accounts for 37% of the $3.1trillion of assets under management by […]

by Kilter Rural • September 28, 2020
Farmland Investment General

14.2 million tomato seedlings ready for planting

Between September and November 2020, 14.2 million seedlings will be transported from Withcott Nurseries in Toowoomba Queensland to the Kilter Rural tomato fields in the Winlaton region of Northern Victoria. Kilter Rural grows and manages 765 hectares of Conventional and Organic tomatoes on behalf of Aware. Subsurface drip system with fully automated delivery systems for […]

by Kilter Rural • September 15, 2020

Found! Flora and fauna to be protected in Northern Victoria

While Kilter Rural undertakes broadscale native vegetation regeneration across its landscapes, it is also active in initiatives to protect and enhance specific populations of flora and fauna.  Senecio behrianus (Stiff Groundsel) Following recent confirmation, we are now privileged to host two distinct occurrences of the highly endangered Senecio behrianus (Stiff Groundsel), a woolly perennial flowering shrub up 25 […]

by Kilter Rural • September 12, 2020