Murray-Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund

The Murray Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund is the first investment vehicle in Australia to provide investors with the opportunity to achieve multiple objectives of securing water for agriculture, realising a financial return and restoring threatened wetlands. The Fund was established in 2015 in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the Murray-Darling Wetland Working Group.

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With more than $500 million in assets under management, investors can access a proven value-add investment strategy addressing climate-change risk and holds a track record of delivering 9% to 17% p.a. returns*.

*Past performance is not an indicator of future performance

Water is the world’s most vital tradeable commodity

Strong & rising demand amid increasing population and high value food/ fibre production

No substitute as the world’s most fundamental commodity

Capped & falling supply due to Basin Plan and climate change

Diversification of demand across agricultural industries and geographies

Winlaton depression coming back to life with wildlife in tree

“The Murray-Darling Basin plays an important role in supporting biodiversity for a vast array of plants, animals and ecosystems, including threatened species and species of national and international significance. It has been home to Aboriginal people for at least 50,000 years, sustaining cultural, social, economic and spiritual life.”