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US drought impacts agricultural outcomes

As severe drought grips the west coast of the United States for the third time this century the effects are being felt locally. Parts of south-west of the United States, notably in California and Nevada, have now entered ‘extreme’ or ‘exceptional’ drought as measured by the US Drought Monitor (figure 1).  These extremes follow in […]

by Kilter Rural • August 17, 2021

Seed gold in our remnants

The Kilter Rural Australian Farmlands Funds (KAFF) is dedicated to regenerating the landscapes that we are operating on. This goes beyond the paddock, Kilter takes a landscape approach to the regeneration of farmland, up to 30% of landscapes managed under the Funds will be revegetated with endemic (locally native) species of Australian Flora. Working with […]

by Kilter Rural • July 28, 2021

Event: Why now for Australian farmland + water?

This event has now finished. If you are interested in accessing a recording contact our team Register now to join Angus Ingram and Euan Friday this August for two webinars delivering an update on market trends and Kilter Rural fund updates. 11:00am  Monday 9th August Kilter Rural – Water Funds Update Join Kilter Rural CIO Euan […]

by Kilter Rural • July 28, 2021
Girgarre Botanic Gardens
General Impact

Fostering strong rural communities

The Gargarro Botanic Garden will see the creation of a unique and world-class botanical installation, representing the premier regional botanic gardens destination in Australia, and the jewel in the crown of the Campaspe region. Kilter Rural is proud to support the project and the community of Girgarre. This year Kilter has committed a donation to the project. Kilter aims to foster […]

by Kilter Rural • June 21, 2021
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KAFF Soil Carbon Project Approved

June saw the Australian Farmlands Fund’s first soil carbon project successfully registered with the Emissions Reduction Fund(ERF), under the name Kilter Rural Lower Goulburn Soil Carbon Project. The project was registered under the ERF’s Measurement of Soil Carbon in Agricultural Systems Methodology and covers almost 200ha of irrigated cropland. It is among the first soil carbon projects to […]

by Kilter Rural • June 21, 2021

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (‘ACCC’) Final Report

On 26 March 2021 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (‘ACCC’) Final Report[1] on its inquiry into Murray-Darling Basin water markets was released to the public. There is also a Guide[2] to the Final Report which provides a useful summary. This report builds on the preliminary findings detailed by the ACCC in their Interim Report[3], […]

by Kilter Rural • March 29, 2021
Winlaton depression coming back to life with wildlife in tree

Life and productivity returned to the landscape

The Winlaton depression has been looking the best it has in a long time, thanks to water for the environment. This depression, situated in northern Victoria, is a natural low point in the landscape and would have originally been a freshwater marsh that carried floodwater to the Loddon River. It has long since been cut […]

by Kilter Rural • March 16, 2021

New IM released for Fund providing unique opportunity to secure water for agriculture and restore threatened wetlands

Kilter Rural with The Nature Conservancy have released an update of the Murray Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund Information Memorandum. Established in 2015 The Murray-Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund was established to demonstrate a new model for achieving enhanced water security for irrigators and benefits to rural communities while also providing water for the restoration […]

by Kilter Rural • February 3, 2021

Kilter putting numbers on nature

Kilter Rural has just learned of its success in having its native vegetation (NV) assessment method accredited by Accounting for Nature (AfN). This is the culmination of a long journey, including the first successful prototype of such a methodology completed at the farm scale on the FFL farmlands in 2018. Since then, Kilter has been […]

by Kilter Rural • December 18, 2020
General Media

Kilter Rural announces the appointment of two new board directors.

Melbourne 25th November 2020:  Kilter Rural is pleased to announce the appointment of two new non-executive directors, Jenny Morawska and Jacqueline Courtney, to the Kilter Investments Board. The new directors bring a wealth of experience across a diverse range of disciplines. With the appointment of Jacqui and Jenny the Board strengthens the gender balance and retains […]

by Kilter Rural • November 25, 2020