The revegetation program at the Australian Farmlands Fund is currently in its fourth year of planting native vegetation. This year’s program will bring the Fund closer to hitting its 30% target, with a total of 290ha revegetated across the landscape.

Prior to the sowing, the landscape must be prepared to maximise the germination success of the native seeds. This process of site preparation reduces the significant weed load that exists by removing invasive weed species and the remaining seed load, creating a less competitive environment for the newly-sown native species. This is all done in a way to minimise the impact on surrounding areas.

This year’s revegetation efforts will contribute to Kilter Australian Farmlands Fund’s overall goal of 30% of the landscape being dedicated to native vegetation. With over 290 hectares of land owned by the Fund regenerated, this land contributes not only to the Fund’s revegetation goals, but also to improving biodiversity and habitat connection, and encouraging the return of other fauna such as woodland birds.

Kilter Australian Farmlands Fund’s revegetation goals are strategically aligned with the SDGs ( outlined by the United Nations. SDG goal 15, Life on Land, highlights the specific target, 15.2, to sustainable management of forests, halt deforestation, and increase reforestation globally.