Friday October 22, 2021

Kilter Rural signs on to “Together We Can”

On the eve of COP26 in Glasgow, major Australian agricultural company Kilter Rural has signed on to the growing “Together We Can” campaign, an alliance of Australian business, health, indigenous, environmental and civil society organisations pushing for more action to be taken nationally to address climate change.

Commenting on the decision Kilter Rural CEO Cullen Gunn said today that Australian business increasingly stood with the community and civil society on the need for comprehensive global and national action on climate.

“As primary producers, we have seen the impact of climate change on the farms we work, on our communities and on our ecosystem.”

“The growing support Kilter Rural is achieving from the investment community both here and internationally, illustrates that firms that are part of the transition to a low carbon future, as we aspire to be, can gain significant investor support, be a part of the solution and still make great returns.”

Kilter Rural was established in 2004 to deliver profit with impact: investing at scale in the regeneration of farmland, water and environmental assets.  Kilter Rural has a fast-growing farmland fund that utilises emerging technology to achieve carbon sequestration at scale in the production of sustainable food. 

Kilter Rural has A$250m in funds under management and in 2019 was awarded Australian Impact Asset Manager of the Year. 

Commenting on the Kilter sign-on, Claire O’Neill from “Together We Can” said “it is these types of partnerships that matter most when it comes to working together to solve climate change.”

“We are all ready to get behind solutions to the climate crisis for a safe and healthy future for everyone.

“Now our governments need to do their bit. Together we can show them what’s possible.”

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