This summer Kilter Rural has planted a field trial of Haricot beans, more commonly known as Navy beans or baked beans. 

In Australia, Navy beans were historically grown in SE QLD to supply a nearby American army base that no longer exists. These days Australia imports more than 3,000t of baked beans annually with none being grown locally at a commercial scale. During the peak of COVID induced food demand seen in 2020, Australia’s largest baked bean cannery doubled its production to meet domestic demand to 500,000 cans a day. That same cannery has expressed a preference to source domestically. 

Kilter has indentified this opportunity to provide an Australian grown supply of Navy beans and is seeking to grow the crop out to a commercial scale over the next 2-3 seasons for an exclusive offtake contract. 

Another example of Kilter Rural diversifying through high-value niche crops.