Kilter Rural has just learned of its success in having its native vegetation (NV) assessment method accredited by Accounting for Nature (AfN). This is the culmination of a long journey, including the first successful prototype of such a methodology completed at the farm scale on the FFL farmlands in 2018. Since then, Kilter has been refining this work to be able to meet the technical standards of the highest levels of account possible under the AfN framework.   

Kilter’s NV assessment methodology is tuned to assessing the condition of regenerating woodland-type vegetation on large, diverse and semi-arid farmlands of the southern Murray Darling Basin  

Kilter is now able to formally register its land-based investor projects, from which certified NV condition accounts will be produced upon implementation of the method. These first fully certified accounts are expected at the end of 2021 following extensive NV survey next spring.

Assessors undertaking an initial NV site survey on a remnant native vegetation patch (of Plains Woodland) at the ‘Rendell’ Australian Farmlands Fund property (Dec-20)

With this experience of this first accredited methodology behind us we are very well positioned to push ahead with similar methods for assessing the condition of our soil, fauna (birds) and water assets, all of which we expect to be progressively accredited during 2021.