Melbourne 25th November 2020:  Kilter Rural is pleased to announce the appointment of two new non-executive directors, Jenny Morawska and Jacqueline Courtney, to the Kilter Investments Board.

The new directors bring a wealth of experience across a diverse range of disciplines. With the appointment of Jacqui and Jenny the Board strengthens the gender balance and retains a majority of independent non-executive directors

In welcoming the new directors, CEO Cullen Gunn noted, “Kilter Rural has been extremely privileged to benefit from the insight, dedication and acumen applied by the current Board of Bob Welsh and Henriette Strain to the task of servicing the interest of investors in KI managed Funds. 

We are enormously fortunate to have sourced extraordinary new members in Jenny Morawska and Jacqueline Courtney.  Jenny and Jaqueline bring different but complementary skills to the Kilter Investments Board and both have a passion for regenerating Australian agricultural landscapes for food, ecosystem protection and climate change mitigation.”

Jacqueline Courtney is an Investment Committee member with the Besen Family Foundation and a founding director of Impact Club (2016-today) and the RIAA(1999-2004).

Through her long involvement with values-based investing and her own investments, Jacqui has developed wide-reaching global networks in the impacting investing arena.

Jacqui has extensive experience with a career in marketing strategy, project management, and investment analysis. In addition to her commercial strategy expertise, Jacqui has been actively involved with biodiversity conservation for the last 18 years and views regenerative agriculture as a key solution to solving a number of looming environmental issues facing the planet and humanity.

She now manages her family investments, focusing on sustainable agriculture and aquaculture.

Jenny Morawska is a strongly commercial Director, with deep global technology and finance experience as a CEO and Senior Executive, across multiple industries and diverse stakeholder groups.

Jenny brings an understanding of emergent technologies, sustainability and practical experience in driving new revenues, customer engagement and efficiencies from a diverse range of industries, including finance, medical and science technology, health and education.  

Her commercial acumen and successful business career have been underpinned by her training as a research scientist and her further career as a consultant and banker. Jenny held a senior role of  Deputy CEO  in the Australian Federal public sector from 1997-2000. She is also a pragmatic commercial businesswoman who, for the last 15 years, has worked on the global stage.


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