Kilter Rural is continuing to progress its framework for producing environmental condition trend accounts across its farming landscapes. 

The Accounting for Nature (AfN) framework sets the first globally consistent standard for measuring, certifying and communicating changes in the condition of environmental assets – agricultural soils, native vegetation, fauna and freshwater or marine ecosystems.  The framework establishes the Econd as a simple yet scientifically robust index to communicate changes in environmental condition over time. 

A key feature of the accounts are the assessment methods. Methods contain detailed measurement, reporting and verification requirements for specific environmental assets (e.g. soils, native vegetation, fauna). Methods may be developed by anyone, but must be accredited by the AfN Standards & Accreditation Committee. 

Kilter Rural is currently working on the development of four different methods for application in its farming landscapes.  These include methods for native vegetation, soils (agricultural and ecological), fauna and groundwater.

Once accredited, implementation of these methods will permit Kilter Rural to produce annual environmental accounts outlining the trend in condition of assets under management against targets we set for condition improvement.  As financial targets drive accountability for value and returns our environmental condition targets will allow investors to assess if our regenerative management approach is building long-term natural capital value.