Between September and November 2020, 14.2 million seedlings will be transported from Withcott Nurseries in Toowoomba Queensland to the Kilter Rural tomato fields in the Winlaton region of Northern Victoria.

Organic Seedlings grown by Withcott Nurseries, September 2020

Kilter Rural grows and manages 765 hectares of Conventional and Organic tomatoes on behalf of Aware. Subsurface drip system with fully automated delivery systems for water and liquid fertilisers is in place with approximately 11,000 km of drip tape laid into the field. Management by a team of 20 FTE staff, the area is expected to produce a harvest for FY21 of 90,000tonnes of fruit.

A further 18 FTE jobs are created during the harvest between January and March. Harvested fruit is processed at Echuca, Northern Victoria, by Kagome, who employs up to 200 staff at their factory during the processing season.

Kilter Rural supplied 40% of Kagome Australia production needs of raw tomatoes in the past season FY20.