While Kilter Rural undertakes broadscale native vegetation regeneration across its landscapes, it is also active in initiatives to protect and enhance specific populations of flora and fauna.

 Senecio behrianus (Stiff Groundsel)

Following recent confirmation, we are now privileged to host two distinct occurrences of the highly endangered Senecio behrianus (Stiff Groundsel), a woolly perennial flowering shrub up 25 cm high.

Buds and flowers of Stiff Groundsel plants (file photo taken by Frances Cincotta, Newstead Natives Nursery)

It is presumed extinct in South Australia and New South Wales, and there are less than ten recorded populations in Victoria. Several cuttings have been collected to be propagated from a small patch to help reintroduce this species.

File photo of Senecio behrianus (Stiff Groundsel) by Damian Cooke of Rakali Consulting

Australasian Bittern

Due to the significant Kilter Rural revegetation effort over the last 12 years, one of the farms is being strongly considered for the North Central CMA’s Bringing Back the Bittern program for restoring populations of the endangered Australasian Bittern.

Photo of the Australasian Bittern, courtesy Birdlife Australia

There are now only about 2000 of the species left globally, with the CMA hosting about 40 of these in the wetlands of the lower Loddon plains. If successful, the property would see the addition of strategic environmental watering and further revegetation along its ephemeral waterway.

Photo of the Australasian Bittern, courtesy North Central CMA

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