Global Ag Investing 2020 Online is taking place across August and September. As sponsors Kilter Rural will be taking part in this international gathering of agricultural investment stakeholders. 

There are three days of events from the 25-27th August with numerous networking opportunities available over the months of August and September.

Our CEO Cullen Gunn will be hosting a webinar, Making the Investment Case for Regenerative Agriculture, on Wednesday, 26th August 2020, at 7 am AEST. 

If you are attending Global Ag Investing Online 2020 follow this link to reserve your spot

Kilter Rural’s Regenerative Agriculture Model repositions Australian irrigated farmland for a future producing more food in an emissions constrained world. The model deploys capital from progressive aligned value investors into the regeneration of inefficient irrigated cropping operations with depleted soils, high CO2 emissions and negligible ecosystem function. Regeneration unlocks value through reformed farm layout, best available technology, emissions reductions, soil productivity transformation and large scale revegetation of forests for scaled C02 sequestration outcomes. The 2020 Kilter Rural regeneration model builds on 15 years of leadership resetting the standard for Australian irrigated agricultural production.