The 2019-20 irrigation season has been one of extremes. From the intense scarcity and high water allocation prices in the first half of the season to bushfires, drought-breaking rains and then one of the wettest autumns on record, says Kilter Rural Chief Investment officer Euan Friday.

“At the same time, progress in delivering the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, as well as the operation of the water markets in which Kilter Rural’s funds invest, are under increasing scrutiny,” Euan says.

Kilter Rural offers investment in two water funds – Kilter Water Fund and The Murray-Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund. The approach is to generate long-term sustainable returns by delivering valuable water solutions to an irrigator client base. Today, Kilter Rural manages more than $500 million in water and farmland assets.

To help people better understand how the Australian water market operates, Euan is hosting an interactive webinar on Tuesday 14 July at 2pm. Topics to discuss include the outlook for 2020-21, and the key trends and drivers expected to impact water markets for the medium to long term.