We are watching the COVID-19 situation closely.

These are challenging times for all of us as we come to terms with the recent changes in the way we are living and working. 

Agriculture is an essential service, providing necessary food and fibre as global demand soars in these unprecedented times. Therefore, our farms remain operational. And, we will continue to work with an utmost focus on the wellbeing and safety of our employees, our clients and the communities within which we operate.

Our farm teams, contractors and supply chain partners are practising social distancing. We also have introduced a regular regime of vehicle, machinery and property cleaning. Our farms are closed to non-essential personnel.

In recent years, farm productivity has been enhanced through efficiencies of scale, with harvesting becoming a highly mechanised operation – requiring a one person-on vehicle approach. However,  appropriate hygiene practices are in place at shift changeover to clean and disinfect machinery. All staff have access to hand sanitiser, soap and water and are encouraged to regularly wash their hands.

Investing in farmland and the environment remains vital to meet this increased demand for agricultural output on a domestic and global scale.

With safety at the forefront of our actions we will continue to respond to COVID-19 in line with government guidance.

We remain available to support clients and investors. You can contact us by phone or email if you have any concerns.