Through the highly successful and highly sustainable Future Farming Landscapes strategy, Kilter Rural has been helping irrigation communities in northern Victoria transform the way they farm since 2006.

So far, more than $55million has been injected into the local Lake Boga community as we continue to transform 9150ha of landscape into viable farmland and protected ecosystems.

The Future Farming Landscapes (FFL) project started with significant institutional capital from VicSuper, with $200million invested to purchase 36 farms, 9150 hectares and 85 gigalitres of water entitlement. The plan was to improve the soil to gain maximum yield from planned cropping and a return on capital, while strategically restoring native vegetation through the farmland.

“The purpose of the Future Farming Landscapes was to create a fund that would deliver environmental, social and financial returns. This was aligned with the aims of VicSuper, who wanted to invest in something tangible in Victoria that affected change,” says Kilter Rural CEO Cullen Gunn. “Sitting down with families and planning their next step in life – it wasn’t just a purchase, it was a facilitation exercise for people who were going to change what they had been doing for the previous 30 years to the next step.”

We undertake an annual account of the environmental condition of the landscape’s natural assets including soil and native vegetation.

“Unless you look after the underlying natural resource base ­– the soil, the vegetation, the water…you are not going to have a truly sustainable investment. When you have water, you’ve got life,” says David Heislers, Kilter Rural’s Landscapes and Sustainability Manager.

Watch the video to discover more about Future Farming Landscapes.