The Nature Conservancy Australia established the Murray-Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund to provide water security for Australian farming families while protecting culturally significant wetlands that support threatened species. The Fund will invest in permanent water rights in the Southern Murray-Darling Basin and allocate those rights in a smart way. When water is scarce and agricultural demand is higher, more water will be made available to agriculture. When water is abundant and agricultural demand is lower, more water will be allocated to wetlands. It is a win-win, aligning the interests of people and nature.

Operating in the world’s largest water market, the Murray-Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund will be the first water investment fund in Australia to address balanced environmental, agricultural, social and financial outcomes.

The Fund’s water portfolio will be managed by Kilter Rural, one of Australia’s largest water fund managers with over $110 million of water assets and $140 million of real assets under management.

Information Memorandum, issued 2 November 2015.