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Founded in 2004, Kilter Rural is a specialist manager, dedicated to investment in Australian real assets of farmland, water and ecosystem services.   The economic fundamentals of investing in these assets are underpinned by demand and supply of food and fibre to a growing world population. 

By 2050 the world will have to feed 50% more people.  However, increased production must be delivered in the context of a future facing reductions in arable land and water and the waning health of supporting ecosystems.

The next 30 years will see both abrupt and directional changes impacting ecosystems, productive capacity and communities.  Astute investors realise a 'business as usual' approach to utilisation of dwindling land and water resources is not a recipe for long-term returns.

Kilter Rural is resetting the agenda for investment in Australian farmland, water and ecosystems. 

Our Values


  • We strive for commercial excellence in everything we do
  • Our investments are utterly commercial yet committed to leveraging diversity and change
  • We invest in farmland landscapes that are globally competitive, yet strongly local
  • We apply best available science and technology to farmland and water investment, strategically positioning to leverage population, food, asset scarcity and climate change trends.


  • We deliver sound returns in the short term but plan for returns over generations
  • Resilience is a key feature of our investments - sound investment is sustainable and long term
  • We have an expandable model but will not expand at any cost
  • Our investments are connected and engaged through soil, water, air, migrations, markets and relationships.


  • Long term, sustainable relationships are fundamental to our business
  • Kilter Rural bridges the country / city divide. We regard as equally important building relationships in local rural communities as we do with city institutional investors
  • We do what we say but where we cannot control an outcome, we make this clear from the start